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A letter from our Director, Bambee Lehman

Welcome to New Hope Clubhouse

Did you know that your local community mental health center in Northeast Indiana made history in the state of Indiana in the 1990's?   It is true! The Northeastern Center opened the very first Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation Status through the Center for Clubhouse Development. 

What is Clubhouse you ask?  Clubhouse is a self-help program for men and women, aged 18 and older, recovering from mental illness.  New Hope Clubhouses' model is part of a world-wide model of rehabilitation and has received the SAMSHA approval.  The model is labeled as an Evidence Based Program and Practice. Currently there are over 300 Clubhouses in 33 different countries!

What do we strive for the men and women that attend the Northeastern Center New Hope Clubhouse? We strive for a sense of  "community".   A place where everyone has the opportunity to utilize their strengths, talents, and abilities as part of their recovery process.  Unit work meeting are held to structure the voluntary work within the clubhouse. 

The work setting provides those living with mental illness, peer support, advocacy, education, and employment opportunities. The Clubhouse offers 3 types of employment services. Transitional, Supported, and Independent Employment.  New Hope members in Supported/Independent positions have jobs in the communities in which they reside.  Transitional Employment positions provide on-the-job support by both the Clubhouse staff and the employer.

New Hope Clubhouse provides services in Noble, DeKalb, Steuben, and LaGrange counties to adults 18 years and older. Contact one of our 4 outpatient offices at the Northeastern Center for an intake/referral for the opportunity to join us.

Through community support, we can break down the barriers surrounding mental health issues and restore hope to men and women living in Northeast Indiana. We need to stand together in this mission. Help us know how we can partner with your businesses and organizations to promote mental health and wellness in 2024 and beyond.  It's a new decade, let us make it one of hope for all of us. Open the door to recovery, through the rehabilitation services offered by the Northeastern Center New Hope Clubhouse.  

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Our Mission

Northeastern Center (NEC) helps individuals achieve emotional and mental wholeness through accessible, affordable and quality behavioral health services.

Our Vision

As the premier provider of behavioral health services, Northeastern Center is the trusted partner empowering individuals to find hope, recovery, and a path forward .

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Our Shared Values

                                Always and everywhere,                                         

Northeastern Center's first response is CPR:

Compassion- kindness and caring, and a willingness to help. 

Partnership- together, achieving a shared goal

Respect- value all individuals

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