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New Hope's Staff

Bambee Lehman is the Director at New Hope.

Sense of community

My name is Bambee. I have worked at the Northeastern Center over the past 39 years. Most of my career I have had the pleasure of being part of the New Hope Clubhouse. I became the director in 2009. New Hope Continues to meet the standards and provide a meaningful work setting where men and women are respected, valued, and create meaningful relationships. Our hope is that any person that walks through our doors will find purpose, support, and employment/education opportunities. Most of all, they will all find a place to belong.

Bambee Lehman, MS, BA, OBHP

Clubhouse Director

Be yourself

My name is Andrea. I have worked for NEC for over 27 years. I transferred to Clubhouse when the opportunity arose in 2009. I like the model of rehabilitation and I have always enjoyed helping others.

Andrea Brand, OBHP

Business Unit Manager

Andrea Brand is an MHT at New Hope.
Lynn Chupp is an MHT at New Hope.

A True Sense of Belonging

My name is Lynn.  I have been working with NEC for close to 13 years.  When the position came open about 11 years ago to work within the Clubhouse, there was no hesitation.  Working at New Hope Clubhouse allows me to help others believe that they can strive to accomplish their goals, make friends, have a place of belonging, as well as being accepted for who they are, no matter what struggles they face.  Having a location where everyone can feel accepted and not judged, I believe, is so needed at this time.  

Lynn Chupp, OBHP

Food Court/Kitchen Manager

Working side-by-side matters...

My name is Tracy, and what I love most about the clubhouse model is working side-by-side with members and staff.  We are all a team working together to help promote a positive working environment that reinforces rehabilitation and recovery, and HOPE for every single member.  

Tracy Cochran, BS, OBHP

Team Leader


"Bloom where you are planted"

My name is Heather but I go by Thea. I have been in mental health for the last 4 years. I love working with people to help them realize their full potential. I believe that compassion and grace can only come from adversity. No matter what struggles we face in life we can always overcome and choose joy everyday. I am so excited to work at Clubhouse and work along side members.

Thea Johnson, AGS

Business Unit Manager

"Your Imperfections are what make you beautiful!"

I started my journey in human services in 2009, working as a DSP in the group home setting with individuals who have a DD waiver.  I moved on to be a team lead in a supported living home for high behavioral clients.  After graduating from IPFW in 2016 with a Bachleors, I became a QMRP, writing the ISP & BIPS for clients.  Making a switch to mental health is 2017, I began helping individuals with skill building activities and advocating for their mental health needs.   I love building rapport with all of our members and sharing new ideas/ways to build on everyone's strengths daily.


Stephanie Minich

Food Court/Snack Bar Manager

Advisory Board Members

Tracy Cochran, BS, Board Chair

Title: New Hope Clubhouse Team Leader

Employment: Northeastern Center

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Advocacy, Employment and Community Support

Bambee Lehman, MS, BA, Director

Title: Director of New Hope

Employer: Northeastern Center

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Advocacy, Employment and Community Support

Kelly Graden, BSN

Title: RN

Employer: Health Care Instructor

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Northeastern Center Board Member, Community Support

Susan Kamara

Title: Staff Therapist

Employment: DeKalb County/NEC

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Advocacy, Employment Development 

Brad Baker

Title: Teacher, Retired

Employer: Bakers Fruit and Flower Farm

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Advocacy, Employment Development

Samantha Cares, BA

Title: Case Facilitator

Employer: Northeastern Center/Steuben County

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Advocacy

Carl Ritchie

Title: Facility Director

Employer:  Cole Center Family YMCA

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Advocacy, Employment

Jayme Becker 

Title: Clubhouse Member & NAMI Recovery Support Specialist

Employment: Voluntary member

Contribution to the Clubhouse:     Consumer Perspective

Rotating Member

Title: Clubhouse Member 

Employer:    Voluntary member

Contribution to the Clubhouse:    Consumer Perspective

Clubhouse Staff Representative

Title:  Clubhouse Counselor

Employer: New Hope Clubhouse/NEC

Contribution to the Clubhouse: Adcocacy

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